"New horizons for the BLUE world"

Erasmus+ project coordinated by the “Cercle Augustin d’Hippone” and
developped by five European partners.

About the project

The “New horizons for the blue world” is an Erasmus+ project. Its main objective is to develop a training program with the help of new technologies (online learning platform and online counseling service), adapted for adults with autism, which respects their pace learning and highlights their skills, in order to promote their social and professional integration. It takes the form of an innovation project led by a consortium of 6 European partners.

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The outputs of the project

E-learning platform

1. Design of graphic elements and themes;
2. The pedagogical content that we want to use within the platform will be selected;
3. Centralizing Information;
4. Designing the system of final evaluation and verification of knowledge.

Virtual Assistant

1. Selecting the scenario that we want to present to the beneficiaries and strategies for work counseling;
2. Developing content and dialogue with;
3. Developing the personalized intervention plan;
4. Establishing an assistance program in the languages for each country;
5. The evaluation.

Employer’s guide

1. Preparation of the teaching material;
2. Selection of existing techniques and methods;
3. Presentation of the characteristics of adults with autism;
4. Selection of the preparation methods of an interview by the employer.

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