“New horizons for the blue world” project

The main objective of the project is to develop a training program with the help of new technologies (online learning platform and online counseling service), adapted for adults with autism, which respects their pace learning and highlights their skills, in order to promote their social and professional integration. It takes the form of an innovation project led by a consortium of 6 European partners, including a Russian organization.

The project is in line with the horizontal priorities of adult education: improving and expanding the offer of high quality learning opportunities for adults by providing flexible training offers tailored to their training needs; social inclusion; and the sector priority supporting opportunities for all for the acquisition and development of key skills, including basic skills.

The project proposes the use of training tools accessible online and adapted to the needs of this specific audience as well as a support tool for business leaders in order to promote the hiring of adults with autism. The selected themes are very well treated. The project benefits from three additional points under the national priority themes.

The project is likely to generate results that may be useful for other areas of education, training and youth, in addition to the area for which the main impacts are expected.

The results generated will be innovative for the whole of its education sector, as well as in the geographical context in which it will be implemented. In addition, it builds on previous projects, and demonstrates significant added value compared to the results of previous projects.

The innovation of this project is on several levels. After research by the consortium it turns out that there is no existing project dealing with the professional integration of the adult autistic public via new technologies; it is innovative by providing an education method for adults with autism but also providing a tool dedicated to business leaders; the education methods offered via the online platform are innovative and meet the expectations of the program (use of formal and non-formal education, adapted methods, accessibility). The proposed innovation is proportional to the scale of the project and the experience of the participating organizations, as well as the specific needs of the target audience.