Project results and outputs

O1 E-learning platform


  1. Design of graphic elements and themes;
  2. The pedagogical content that we want to use within the platform will be selected;
  3. Centralizing Information;
  4. Designing the system of final evaluation and verification of knowledge.

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O2 Virtual Assistant


  1. Selecting the scenario that we want to present to the beneficiaries and strategies for work counseling;
  2. Developing content and dialogue with;
  3. Developing the personalized intervention plan;
  4. Establishing an assistance program in the languages for each country;
  5. The evaluation.

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O3 Employer’s guide


  1. Preparation of the teaching material;
  2. Selection of existing techniques and methods;
  3. Presentation of the characteristics of adults with autism;
  4. Selection of the preparation methods of an interview by the employer.

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