In March 2021, INTEGRARE EUROPEANA IN DOMENIUL TINERETULUI, SPORTULUI, VOLUNTARIATULUI SI CETATENIEI ACTIVE EUROPENE Romania and the project’s associated partners conducted the workshop “Social and work integration” attended by people from the Erasmus+ Ka204 project target group “New horizons for the BLUE world” 2020-1-FR01-KA204-079996.

The activity was online for reasons that were easy to understand during this period.

Over the workshop of three hours, together with their teachers, there was talk of:

  • How to find a job;
  • How to be prepared for an interview;
  • How to write a CV;
  • How we should behave when we do an interview.

Each participant of the workshop described their passions, interests in the field in which they would like to find a well-paid job. Following these hypothetical discussions, it was concluded that in order to have a career, you must first obtain employment, and a CV must be submitted at the time of employment.

A CV model was presented.

Participants thus learned that in this CV must synthesize all their work and skill and were a little puzzled when they saw that at this moment they have nothing to write in the CV in such a way as to match their aspirations about a well-paid job, with their skills.

The model of completing a CV was presented step by step and the teachers answered all the participants’ questions.

Another point of the workshop was the discussion about the job interview, advice was given on behavior, nonverbal language during the interview, answers were given to the participants’ concerns.

The last point of the meeting workshop was about information and discussion about how to look for a job, reviewing both the job offer sites and the local newspapers, the notice board at the County Employment Agency.

Participants also received extremely useful materials: a CV model-completed, an empty CV, a list of sites and newspapers containing job offers.

The theme was then established for the next face-to-face workshop, the cover letter.